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Frequently Asked Questions

What is my DERP ID? This is a unique identifier which can be found on your most recent piece of correspondence received from DERP.

I forgot my password. Click the Forgot Password link on the login screen. Navigate there now.
You will be asked to provide specific information to identify you including: Last Name, Social Security Number and Date of Birth.

I forgot my username. Click the Forgot User Name link on the login screen. Navigate there now.

I forgot both my username and my password. You can begin with the Forgot User Name process and once retreived can then also request that your password be sent to you.

I received a message that says my account has been locked. Your account may have been locked due to inactivity. Please Contact Us

I want to change my username or password. Please Contact Us

I forgot my Challenge Question Answers. Please Contact Us

How do I register and create an account? Please click the New User link on the login screen. You will be asked a number of questions to uniquely identify you as a member of DERP, and will then be able to create your User Name and password. Navigate there now Navigate there now

Why are there Challenge Questions? This is an additional security feature that helps protect your account. You’ll be prompted to set up a series of Challenge Question when you setup your account the first time. Be sure the answers are something only you would know and that could not be easily guessed by someone else. They should not be the same as your password or User Name.

What is DERP’s Address? 777 Pearl St, Denver, CO 80203-3717

What are The Plan Hours? Denver Employees Retirement Plan is open Monday through Friday, 8.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.

When I visit the Plan, where should I park? The Plan has its own free parking lot on the corner of 8th Avenue and Pearl Street.

What is IPR? The Insurance Premium Reduction (IPR) is a benefit in which the Denver Employees Retirement Plan contributes a portion of a member’s monthly insurance premium provided the member is enrolled in a group insurance offered by the Plan. The monthly amount the Plan contributes toward insurance premiums is established by the Retirement Board and is based on credited service with the City/DHHA. Effective January 1, 2012, the Plan will continue a monthly contribution of $6.25 for each year of service for Medicare-eligible members, and $12.50 monthly for each year of service for members who are not yet Medicare-eligible. Members living out of the covered service area of one of our group health insurance plans, and who are not Medicare-eligible, may be eligible instead for the Insurance Premium Reimbursement benefit. This reimbursement is non-taxable. To participate in the Insurance Premium Reimbursement benefit, please Contact Membership Services to obtain instructions on what documentation is required for this benefit.

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